Transform Your Idea into Business. And Grow It.

Turn to Point One Business Accelerator to get strategic advice, have some feedback on your business plan, and find a mentor. Why wait for graduation? Start your business with our guidance while still at uni!

Škoda Auto, John Deere, Apple:
Every Successful Company Started Out As an Idea

Starting a business used to be very different in the past. Things have changed but one stays the same: A good piece of advice is precious — it saves time, money and effort. Your good business advice right on campus.

From Ideas to Thriving Businesses
3 Support Programmes for Your Business

Incubation 1

from idea to prototyp

Put together your Business Model Canvas and financial plan. Formulate your strategic vision and perfect your elevator pitch. Supervised by a mentor.

Incubation 2

from prototype to finished product

For those who went through the Incubation 1 programme and also for newcomers. Analyse your business to its core and make it effective and sustainable. Guided by a mentor.


from product to stabilisation

Customised business programme. With variable goals — according to your needs. Mentoring on scaling, acquiring more customers, or convincing a new investor.

Companies That Started at Point One

Projects We Support

Purposeful and sustainable projects with great potential to catch on.
Original ideas. We’ll find a way to make them happen. Together.
Ideas that resonate with ČZU — e.g. smart agriculture, ecology, food industry, technological innovations.
Primarily for ČZU students, graduates, and partners. But we’re open to other partnerships.
The universal admission condition is to pass through our selection.
We won’t support projects that don’t correspond with our values. For example multilevel marketing or reselling.

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Please note: The Point One website is in Czech, but Point One does provide mentors who speak English. Feel free to run the website through a translator to get the info you need or reach out to Point One directly in English.


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