Student Mental Health Support

You are facing significant personal decisions and feel like you don’t know which way to go. You can’t concentrate, sometimes have trouble sleeping, feel anxiety, or have had difficulties getting along with people around you lately. In short, you need the support of a professional psychologist and coach.

Our Mental Health Experts

Monika Dobiášová

My name is Monika Dobiášová, and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, specializing in single-subject and double-subject (teacher) psychology at Charles University in Prague. In my doctoral dissertation, I focused on the issue of family joint activities and their influence on social competence in adulthood.

I completed a five-year comprehensive training in Art Therapy based on systemic family therapy, narrative therapy, and solution-focused approaches. Additionally, I am a two-year systemic coaching training graduate in Science and Coaching and Inner Game Coaching. Therefore, I am happy to work with you on specific steps to achieve your vision, goals, and desires.

Throughout my over twenty years of counselling, coaching, and teaching experience, I have primarily worked with adults and adolescents. I will support you in finding solutions to your situation, help you gain a new perspective, and potentially explore new directions or orientations in life.

You can also find me at IVP ČZU in Prague, where I teach psychology. In my work, I adhere to the Ethical Code of the Psychological Profession and the principles of professional confidentiality.

Andrea Hlubučková

My name is Andrea Hlubučková, and I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. I studied Czech literature at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, then pursued psychology. I completed comprehensive psychotherapeutic training at the Prague High School of Psychosocial Studies, where I also underwent training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and attended various other courses, including art therapy. Art therapy is my passion. I am a member of the Czech Association for Psychotherapy member and adhere to its Ethical Code.

I have held various jobs, some unrelated to this field and others more closely related. For instance, I worked with clients with mental illnesses at a therapeutic center. I conducted interviews for television and documentary films and have written articles. I provided crisis intervention over the phone during floods and the COVID-19 pandemic. Since my university days, I have been involved in education, initially in the corporate sector, where I lectured and provided training. Later, I taught at a private university and am now at CZU.

Anna Pejšková

My name is Anna Pejšková, MSc. I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology at Maastricht University, where I built a solid foundation for understanding human behaviour and cognitive processes. I also learned to effectively collaborate and communicate with people in a multicultural environment, which helps me approach problems from various perspectives. In this spirit, my subsequent studies continued, and I obtained a master’s degree in neuropsychology at UM, deepening my knowledge of the complex relationship between brain functions and individual behaviour. 

 During my academic journey, I had the opportunity to complete a professional internship at the General Faculty Hospital in Prague, where I gained practical experience in working with people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. I worked closely with neurology experts, conducted interviews with patients and their family members, and administered tests to assess patients’ overall cognitive status. This experience strengthened my desire to help individuals overcome their personal challenges and mental distress. 

 I am determined to provide compassionate and evidence-based support to students facing various psychological issues. Whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety, academic challenges, or life transitions, I am here for you. I will gladly offer assistance and support tailored to your needs. I am committed to upholding the ethical standards of the psychological profession and ensuring maximum confidentiality during our interactions. I look forward to collaborating with you on our journey towards your personal growth and achieving overall mental well-being.

Counseling Session

“At our university, free psychological counseling is available for our students. You can schedule a consultation via email for a specific time currently conducted online. The consultation may be a one-time session, but you can also arrange for multiple meetings or receive a referral to another specialist if needed.”

What to Expect from a Mental Health Session

Friends Are There for You

Having friends around you is a massive help in maintaining a positive state of mind. Consider joining one of our many student unions at ČZU — you might feel less alone within a group of like-minded people. Who may be dealing with issues similar to yours.


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